Successful rescue 2 need bridges broken by storm

13/01/2018 - 4:24

A 500-ton crane of Dang Gia Construction and Engineering Joint Stock Company was mobilized from Hanoi to Nha Trang to carry out a project to dismantle two cranes serving construction at Panorama Nha Trang. Broken by the impact of typhoon No. 12.

The 500 ton crane of Dang Gia M & D is used to dismantle two broken crane towers.


02 cranes collapsed after the storm.
Start disassembly.
The equipment is transported by specialized vehicles to the building

Mr. Dang Hai Hung, Chairman of Dang Gia Construction and Mechanical Joint Stock Company, said that this is a unique rescue in the construction industry. Mr Hung said that when he was asked by the investor to look for a plan to dismantle two broken cranes, he and his team of experts went to the site for several days, offering the best dismantling options. To ensure the progress and safety of people and tourists traveling outside the project. After the equipment is brought down, there will be transportation to the place of gathering, avoiding traffic, “Hung said.

It took nearly 10 days to travel by sea and over ten days of assembly, until today (21/12) basically completed work and ensure absolute safety. According to a specialist in the construction industry, this is the largest rescue ever.

It is known that the crane of LIEBHERR – LTM 1500N (Germany) can reach 140m to build special projects.


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