Practice 5S

26/02/2017 - 4:08


Today, in order to improve competitiveness on the market every now choose a separate path in the business as well as in the way it manages, so our company always the idea that humans are still the decisive factor for success of the business.
Derived from human philosophy is the center of all development, our company is applying 5S practice model has been adopted in Japan as a platform to provide the best performance for the job. We found that the 5S helps create a clean environment, convenient for business organization and gives confidence to partners and customers.

Objectives of applying 5S

Building a clean environment and tidy
Enhanced sense of discipline in the agency
Workplace becomes more convenient and safe
Officers and employees are proud of work
Image building businesses, providing business opportunities …

Principle Application

5S is the first letter of each word begins with the letter S 5, the general principles of 5S practices are understood as follows:
SERI (Screening): Screening for unnecessary items in the workplace and eliminate them.
SEITON (SORT): Sort things organized, according to a certain order, convenient to use.
SEICO (Clean): Cleaning every seat in the workplace so that no trash or dirt in the workplace (office machinery and equipment)
Seiketsu (Care): As always care, keeping the workplace clean, convenient and continuous productivity by implementing Seri, Seiton, Seico.
Shitsuke (Ready) is made up of a routine, voluntary work habits well, maintaining a convenient working environment.

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